Windows Evaluation Decoder

This Win95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 32-bit Windows application can be used to decode or scale Scala bitstreams and evaluate the coding efficiency of Scala's scalable technology. The software includes a bit error simulator in order to evaluate error resilience when decoding corrupt bitstreams.

Scala decoder screenshot

Both single-channel and stereo bitstreams are now supported across a range of sample rates. Details regarding program operation are contained in the help.txt file included within the .zip archive.

download winsac 1.2 (, 165 kb, updated 2 November 2005)

Coding Quality Demonstration

The following sound files demonstrate the coding quality of Scala's error-resilient scalable audio codec, relative to two fixed-bitrate and two scalable reference codecs:

All files are approximately 6 seconds in length with 44.1 kHz sample rate. Samples are presented both as compressed bitstreams and uncompressed (decoded) .wav files.

Note that the Scala .sab bitstreams can be scaled or decoded at bitrates lower than the nominal encoded bitstream rates using the demonstration decoder software.

Contact Scala to request .sab bitstreams for alternative source material.


Mono 64 kbit/s
Signal Original file
harpsichord harp.wav bitstream harp64.mp3 harp64.aac harp64.mp4 harp64.eac harp64.sab
decoded wav harp64_mp3.wav harp64_aac.wav harp64_bsac.wav harp64_eac.wav harp64_sac.wav
female voice voice.wav bitstream voice64.mp3 voice64.aac voice64.mp4 voice64.eac voice64.sab
decoded wav voice64_mp3.wav voice64_aac.wav voice64_bsac.wav voice64_eac.wav voice64_sac.wav
castanets cast.wav bitstream cast64.mp3 cast64.aac cast64.mp4 cast64.eac cast64.sab
decoded wav cast64_mp3.wav cast64_aac.wav cast64_bsac.wav cast64_eac.wav cast64_sac.wav
Scalable bitstreams ? no no yes yes yes


Stereo 96 kbit/s
Signal Original file
harpsichord harps.wav bitstream harps96.mp3 harps96.aac harps96.sab
decoded wav harps96_mp3.wav harps96_aac.wav harps96_sac.wav
vocal quartet quartet.wav bitstream quartet96.mp3 quartet96.aac quartet96.sab
decoded wav quartet96_mp3.wav quartet96_aac.wav quartet96_sac.wav
castanets casts.wav bitstream casts96.mp3 casts96.aac casts96.sab
decoded wav casts96_mp3.wav casts96_aac.wav casts96_sac.wav
Scalable bitstreams ? no no yes